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November 1-3, 2019  - Orlando, Florida
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Look At This Schedule Of Experts -- Bringing YOU The Real-World Tips, Tricks and Tactics You Need To Succeed!

The Guerrilla Marketing Summit Only Invites The Top Business, Marketing & Sales Experts, Authorities & Professionals -- Eager To Share Their Knowledge & Experience With You!

We work up to a year in advance (We're already working on 2020!) to secure time on some of their busy calendars! Many of our presenters rarely speak elsewhere (they're too busy with their own businesses!) 

For some, this is the VERY FIRST time we've been able to match their busy speaking and travel schedule to bring their expertise to The Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit!

Jeannie Levinson
Jason Myers
Berny Dohrmann
Nadya Roussaeu
Emmerson Brantley
Jill Lublin
Ridgely Goldsborough
David Cunningham
Timothy Johnson
Matt Bacak
Darin Adams
Maria Matarelli
Tasha Cooney
Tom Beal
Troy Broussard
Who is bringing you this amazing event? 

Jeannie Levinson – Co-founder of Guerrilla Marketing and co-author with Jay Conrad Levinson of the internationally best-selling books and programs that introduced millions to these concepts globally. Nobody has the insights and understanding about Guerrilla Marketing like Jeannie! She will share from her experience with unique and specific examples of how you can use these methods immediately to make you and your business the top in your field. She's also giving everyone big HUGS!

Jason Myers – Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing and owner/investor in several companies. Jason is a life-long Guerrilla Marketer, Best-Selling Author, Mentor and Expert Entrepreneurial Lifestyle-Design Mentor. He has introduced the Guerrilla concepts into many companies where he had “skin in the game” and helped them grow from startups to multi-million dollar revenue generators and towards exits. He has used Guerrilla Marketing methods and mindset in startups and 7, 8, 9 figure businesses and even Fortune 50 organizations. 

They along with the team of Guerrilla - bring this event to you again this year, as a way to: educate, inspire and perpetuate the enduring legacy of Guerrilla Marketing globally. 

Expert Speaker and Panelist Roster and Previous Speakers:
Session Topics: 
  •  Berny Dohrmann - Super Change book + CEO Space
  • ​Nadya Rousseau - Social Influence
  •  Travis Lee  (Direct Mail)
  •   Jill Lublin (PR)   
  •  Henry Kaminski Jr. (Branding) 
  •  Armand Morin (Webinars) 
  •  Timothy Johnson (Sales)  
  •   Mike Lewis (Expert Positioning)  
  •   Jason Myers (Living Guerrilla-like)  
  •   Jeannie Levinson (Guerrilla Community Legacy)  
  •   Jeane Lanoue (Marketing Funnels)  
  •  Matt Bacak (List Building and Email Marketing)  
  •   Jon Benson (Copywriting)  
  •   Dean Jackson (Podcasting)  
  •   Maria Matarelli (Agile Marketing)  
  •   Emmerson Brantley (Client Attraction)  
  •   Daryl Hill (Entrepreneurial Mindset)  
  •   Shel Horowitz (Green Business)  
  •   Darin Adams (Marketing Automation)  
  •   Jim Grant  
  •   Don McGrath  
  •   Theodore Grellner  
  •  Tianne Brown
  • Social Organic Tribe Building
  • Email Marketing for Profits 
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Snapchat Advertising
  •  Retargeting
  •  Affordable, effective Direct Mail
  •  Business Funding
  •  Business Scaling
  •  Startup to Exits
  •  Profitable Funnels
  •  Grassroots Marketing
  •  Tradeshow Marketing
  •  Market Positioning
  •  Expert Positioning
  •  Book Marketing
  •  Coaching and Consulting Client Attraction
  •  Leveraging the Guerrilla Brand 
  •  Local Marketing
  •  Agency Success Secrets
  •  and...so, much more! 
This schedule is a current draft, subject to change at any time - based on pending participant agreements and other circumstances.
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Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit, November 1-3, Orlando, FL
Which Business Are You?

You see it in every market and every kind of business: 

Two companies, both about equal in products, services, experience… you name it. 

Yet one seems to always be growing, with a constant stream of new customers even though she does hardly any advertising. 

The other, he seems to never achieve more than mediocre sales, even though he spends a lot of money promoting his business.

The owner of one can afford the home her family deserves, take extended vacations, spend quality time with her loved ones. 

Her kids' have their college tuition in the bank, and their financial future is secure.  

The other? 
From outside the business looks successful. But the owner's reality isn't as rosy. 
He struggles with cash flow issues, puts in 60, sometimes 70 hours a week or more.
The stress is having a negative effect on his health… and relationships. Financially, everything he has is tied up in the business. 

There is no quality time, no life other than keeping the business going, no future except more of the same.

What is the "edge" that gives one the life and lifestyle every entrepreneur and business owner dreams of… 

while the other is literally giving his life for his business?

More to the point, which business do you want yours to be?
The one universal "game changer" for small businesses and entrepreneurs is having low-cost, highly-effective marketing strategies and tactics that bring in new clients, generate ongoing sales revenues, create endless referrals, all for little or no money: Guerrilla Marketing. 

Guerrilla Marketing isn't some theory. The name was coined in 1984 by a man who knew traditional and non-traditional marketing inside out: 

Jay Conrad Levinson.

Think Marlboro Man, Pillsbury Doughboy, Morris the Cat, Tony the Tiger, The Jolly Green Giant, Charlie The Tuna, Mr. Clean, the Lonely Maytag Repairman, the Sears Diehard Battery, Allstate's Good Hands... and many others. Jay was the brains behind each of these and more.

When Jay wrote Guerrilla Marketing in 1984 he started a revolution in marketing that became the best known marketing brand in history

Named by Time as one of the “25 Most Influential Business Management Books” of all time, Jay’s concepts have sold over 25 million copies in over 65 languages, and are required reading in MBA programs worldwide. 

So What? 
What’s In It For You? 
Why should you attend the Guerrilla Global Summit?

A good question, and one at the heart of the Guerrilla Marketing way of doing business. And the answer goes back to our first question: Which Business Do You Want To Be?

Because Frankly, 
Guerrilla Marketing -- And The Global Summit -- May Not Be For You IF…
  • Your business has a practically unlimited budget for big-bucks media advertising (just keep throwing money at the problem) 
  • You believe the best business plan is "slow and steady", trusting uncertain "word of mouth" approaches and hit or miss campaigns.
  • You already have so many customers, prospects, leads and referrals, you have problems handling them all (does the idea of creating dynamic, viral excitement and explosive growth scare you?)
  • You are happy with where your business is at right now, and don't want to expand or grow any more because it would be too much work.
  • You have an attitude of lack instead of abundance -- we'll be looking at the incredible opportunities to grow your business this year-- and beyond -- not rehashing negative news and what doesn’t work
  • You think you already know everything you need to know, have experienced every possible business twist and turn, and are closed to growing from the wisdom and insights of peers and other experts
  • You're thinking you may attend but plan on skipping some of the sessions, hang by the pool, play some golf, enjoy some time off and relax (this is the real-world, solid and experiential training that changes businesses, not a vacation)
  • You are coming only to get, and not to give your own value to help other attendees and our profession

Guerrilla Marketing IS The Solution You've Been Looking For IF You Are…
  • ​A business owner, entrepreneur, professional, even a solo-preneur – but you are TIRED of stagnant, slow growth and ready to blow the doors off your competition!
  • ​Ready to get over 200 specific tools, tips, methods and resources to get more customers, sell more products and services, and do it all for little or NO money out-of-pocket! 
  • ​Fed up with ad reps charging you thousands of dollars for radio, TV, print, websites and more stuff that hasn't put a dime in your pocket… and ready to start marketing smarter, for less money and with greater results! 
  • ​Wanting to focus on growing your business, delivering your quality products or services, instead of feeling like you've always got a thumb out looking for the next prospect to come buy from you! 
  • ​Building a close network of like-minded entrepreneurs while growing your business. Owning a business is a lonely profession… there are a lot of others who speak your language and can help your business grow 
  • ​Looking ongoing access to leading experts to show you how to tap into today's hottest strategies, proven methods and effective weapons and Jump Way AHEAD Of Your Competition 
  • If these describe you, NOW's the time to Get it Done, Get Unstuck, Get Into Action and Get Growing. Seating Is Limited -- Register Now!

Traditional or “regular” marketing requires spending lots of dollars on advertising to get more brand recognition and generate more sales. Jay realized small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t typically have lots of money, but you have other ways to get the word out if you invest time, energy and imagination. As Jay said,
“Money helps, but is not as necessary as time, energy and imagination.”

He coined the term "Guerrilla Marketing" to describe hundreds of “unconventional” marketing techniques you can use when your financial resources are limited or non-existent. 

When the University of California Berkeley asked him to teach these “guerrilla” marketing approaches to their students, guess who signed up to sit at Jay’s feet (more like “Who’s Who”): 

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and many other top business leaders. They credit much of their success to Jay’s teaching.

Wouldn’t you like to know what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and others used to grow their once-small businesses into mega-successful goliaths!
You see, as Jay said, "Guerrilla Marketing is more about an attitude than tactics." 

You simply won't find these attitudes at The Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit! 

What You WILL find Are hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs who are focused on being the Best Of The Best -- From Dozens Of Different Business Types and Markets. 

This creates POWERFUL "cross-pollination" of ideas and techniques you've never even considered before…

and immediate action steps to create massive results for each and every participant, including YOU - IF you consider yourself a pro at what you do with a vision and commitment to continually grow and improve!
Orlando, Florida - an amazing business and vacation destination
Guerrilla Summit 2018 Orlando
"Better than Money Back Guarantee
Here's our guarantee to you.

Secure your seat at the Guerrilla Global Summit today. 
Attend the workshop and absorb every bit of information we have to offer.

And if by the end of the first day you don't think it was worth every penny you paid - and more - just let one of the team know and we'll refund your investment in full - no questions asked - PLUS we'll even refund up to $200 to cover your documented travel and accommodation expenses!
Previous Attendees Say - This is a Must Attend Event...
Seth Godin - Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit
So You Still Have Questions...
How is Guerrilla Marketing Different than Traditional Marketing?
  • Traditional Marketing is about expending money - Guerrilla Marketing is time, energy, imagination and information.
  • ​Marketing is often clouded in mystique - Guerrilla Marketing removes the mystique and clarifies what to do. 
  • ​If you do it right, it works every time - for small businesses and big businesses have joined the movement. 
  • ​Traditional marketing judges effectiveness by traffic or sales - Guerrilla Marketing judges success by profits. 
  • ​Traditional marketing is based on experience and judgement, which means guessing - don't build a business on theories, build it on human behavior and psychology. The way to get into the subconscious is by repetition. Marketing is not an event - it is a process...never-ending.  
  • ​Traditional Marketing says grow and diversify - Guerrilla's maintain focus and continuing more excellence. 
  • ​Traditional Marketing says grow big and get more customers by advertising - Guerrillas know this is expensive and takes too long. Grow the business geometrically in four directions at once: Larger transactions, More transactions with customers, tap referral transactions and grow linearly by advertising.   
  • ​68% of business lost is lost due to customers being ignored. Guerrillas practice fervent followup.  
  • ​Traditional Marketing says scan competition so you know who to focus on obliterating - Guerrillas scan the horizon for co-opetition, joint ventures or fusion-marketing.  
  • ​Traditional Marketing tries to get sales from customers - Guerrillas are always thinking what an they give away? 
  • ​Traditional Marketing is "Me" marketing - all about the company - Guerrillas are all about the customer.  
  • ​Traditional Marketing likes you to believe Advertising and PR and works - Guerrillas know only combinations of many marketing tactics work and the days of a single tactic working are over.  
  • ​People count money at the end of the month, but Guerrillas count relationships.  
  • ​You cannot be technophobic and know the difference between an improvement and a change. 
  • ​Traditional Marketers broadcast or narrow cast - Guerrillas target very narrow groups - nano-casting.  
  • ​4% of the people want what you have, 4% are on the cusp and the remaining 92% don't care.  
  • ​Guerrilla Marketing is a dialogue to gain consent from the prospect to sell them.  
  • ​Guerrillas Don't sell the Feature and Don't sell the Benefit -- Guerrillas Sell the solution. 
  • ​Don't sell what they want, sell them what they need. 
We have identified more than 200 weapons of Guerrilla Marketing and over 100 of them are free.

When is the best time to plant a tree? 

There are two answers: 20 years ago and today - Guerrillas know that now is the time to implement Guerrilla Marketing methods.
Think you don't have the time?
Believe me when I say… the strategies you’ll learn and implement when you attend this workshop will save you weeks, if not months or years of messing around and trying to work out how to grow your business alone.

Our proven system is without doubt the BEST way for you to get (and keep) more customers, and dramatically increase your revenue.
Think you cannot afford it?
Firstly, rather than an expense, we want you to see it as an investment. A tax-deductible educational investment in yourself, your business and your families good fortune.

An investment is defined as:

“to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.”

We know with absolute certainty that when you implement the ideas we share with you this workshop, you’ll make many multiples of your investment back – and fast!

And remember, We're even willing to back that up with a 'better than 200%' money back guarantee so there really is no risk to you whatsoever.

If by the end of the day you don’t think you have the tools and strategies necessary to get a significant return on your investment, just let us know and we’ll refund your investment in full, plus up to $200 to cover your documented travel and accommodation expenses.
Unsure if it is for you?
If you genuinely have no interest in getting and keeping more customers, using our low and no-cost strategies, then we accept and agree that this investment probably isn’t right for you.

However, our guess is if you’re still reading this but haven’t yet decided to register your seat, it’s more likely that you’re questioning your own ability to make real use of what you’re going to learn.

You just need to take the first step.
Actual Guerrilla Marketing Testimonials
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“Slam dunk!  Without exception, every person who attended our guerrilla marketing seminar said it was well worth their time.”
-- Julie Lopresti, Advertising Manager, Pacific Bell

“A veritable plum pudding of marketing techniques and secrets.”
-- Los Angeles Times

 “Without exception, every single evaluation form rated you at the highest level. I am certain that many will continue to follow your advice through subscription to your newsletter.”
-- John D. Watt III, Director of Community Development, Commonwealth of Virginia

 “Your Guerrilla Marketing strategies were fabulous! I don’t think we’ll be refunding anyone’s registration fee this year because your presentation alone was worth the investment.”
-- Cynthia L. Peterson, Conference Chairperson, Associated Landscape Contractors of America

“The reaction to your seminars was fantastic. You’ve created a couple of hundred guerrillas anxious to shake the trees of their sales jungle.”
-- Tony Gray, Pratt Industries, Australia

“Your program yesterday was absolutely terrific.  It is incredible how much excellent material you packed into that hour and a half session.  No one could have left that session without feeling they really got their money’s worth!”
-- Kandace Laass, Director, Quality Learning Services, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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